Margie’s Magazine Minute

It’s the time to make sure the REALTOR® voice is heard at the ballot box. Please remember that there is an election on Tuesday, November 2, 2010 that will include many important races and issues. Hopefully you have already voted early, but make sure you vote on Election Day if you haven’t. REALTORS® have strength in numbers at the polls.

Probably the biggest local political issue this year has been the City of Houston’s Historic Preservation Ordinance. After many months of drafts and meetings, the Houston City Council passed a new ordinance last month. Fortunately, HAR has tremendous relationships with the Council and was able to have all five HAR recommendations incorporated into the final ordinance. Also, note that if you work with clients in an existing historic district, there are things you need to know.

Every year, HAR asks for members to volunteer to serve on one of the numerous advisory groups that help shape the direction of the Association. It’s that time of year once again. If you want to make your voice heard as part of the volunteer leadership of HAR, please go to www.har.com/GetInvolved and apply. Obviously, not everyone can be chosen, but we do need our members to get involved so you may read more about the advisory groups.

As you can see on our cover, HAR launched a 20 Under 40 recognition program for our younger members who have already made a mark in the industry and community. Read some of the brief items about each of the honorees and see why I am so proud of our younger generation of REALTORS® and all they have accomplished. They really are our future.

You know you’ve been waiting for it, and now it is here. The HAR iPhone App. It allows consumers to access the same information they can find on HAR.com, including up to 16 photos, and they can sign in with their My HomeFinder user name and password and bookmark listings or save searches right from their iPhone. REALTORS® will also be able to access the MLS, listings, leads, etc. from the app.

There has been so much information (and misinformation) going around about the Health Care Reform legislation that passed earlier this year and what impact it might have on real estate (and other investments). It is a complex issue so we wanted to include the NAR FAQ about what changes are coming because of the bill so that you can know for yourself and your clients.

Lastly, if you happen to fly on Continental Airlines this month, make sure to look at “Catching Up With…Bob Hale; The real estate industry visionary sees reason to be optimistic” on page 49 of Continental magazine. That’s right, our very own HAR President and CEO Bob Hale was asked by the magazine to do the quick interview in which he talks about the strength of the Houston real estate market, the reasons to use a REALTOR® in a property transaction and how the Internet has changed the real estate industry. He continues to keep HAR and our members at the forefront, and we should all be so proud to have him leading our Association.

Thank you for your membership with HAR, and have a prosperous November.


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