The HAR TREPAC Leadership wants to share with you the basics that every REALTOR® member should know about TREPAC…

What does TREPAC stand for?
The Texas Real Estate Political Action Committee representing REALTORS® and the real estate industry.

What is RPAC and how is it different from TREPAC?
RPAC, or the REALTOR® Political Action Committee, is TREPAC on the national level. We are one and the same. We work together!

Who does TREPAC support?
TREPAC supports local, state and national candidates.

Who determines which candidates TREPAC supports?
Your REALTOR® peers do.Volunteer committees at the local, state and national levels interview, review and discuss all candidate recommendations.

Is TREPAC Republican or Democrat?
Neither. TREPAC is non-partisan. We are the REALTOR® Party!

Where does my TREPAC money go?
Out of every dollar raised by HAR, 50% goes to state candidates, 30% goes to national candidates and 20% goes to local candidates.

Who can I talk to about TREPAC?
HAR TREPAC Co-Chairs: Vicki Fullerton and Becky Hill
HAR TREPAC Trustees:

  • Joan Berger
  • Kenya Burrell
  • Billy Burt
  • Rob Cook
  • Jim Dambeck
  • Cameron Hill
  • Deborah Spangler

Your HAR Governmental Affairs Department

How do I invest in TREPAC?

  • Online at www.har.com/trepac
  • Monthly pledges
  • Credit Card, check or cash
  • At our fundraising events

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