Transaction Management: What’s the Big Deal?

Slowly but surely, the pace is picking up. After more than 15 years of lost investments, misguided priorities and stalled initiatives, the transaction management (TM) movement is finally reaching critical mass within the traditional brokerage community. Yet even with this new momentum and apparent enlightenment, the most frequently asked question regarding the transaction management remains: “So what is the big deal?” The answer remains simple. “Everything.” TM was an important

HAR Takes Transaction Management to the Next Level with HAR-ETS

In its ongoing mission to bring technological innovation to members to enhance their productivity, the Houston Association of REALTORS® is in the initial stages of introducing a transaction management system that has freed REALTORS® across Arizona from the traditional paper-based transaction process with excellent results. The system will be called HAR-ETS (Electronic Transaction Solution) and it is designed as a platform consisting of HAR’s MLS system, electronic signatures and transaction