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Matrix MLS is Now Available

HAR is excited to announce the launch of Matrix MLS, the system scheduled to replace both Tempo and Fusion later this year. Matrix is a desktop- and mobile-friendly platform compatible with all major browsers and known for its speed, ease of use and robust functionality. The Matrix platform was acquired by HAR’s vendor, CoreLogic, in 2012, and has become one of the fastest growing MLS platforms. It now supports over 600,000 agents in the U.S. and Canada. All HAR MLS subscribers will have access to Matrix after logging into the HAR.com Member Only Portal, beginning February 15th.

Matrix has proven to be a stable and reliable system during this time and includes the best features of both Tempo and Fusion.  HAR is the first MLS in the country to make the latest version of Matrix available. It includes a newly designed “Customer Portal” (Matrix’s version of Client Gateway), in which agents can set up ASAP listing alerts and collaborate with clients.

Additional features include the ability to add and sort columns on the search results page and create your own default search results grid.  The “Count-on-the-Fly” feature displays how many listings meet your search criteria before you run the search.  The system also saves the last 20 searches you have run for quick and easy access and the “Speed Bar” feature allows you to quickly run a search and access saved searches with a key stroke.

Map lovers will appreciate the integrated mapping system that enables you to zoom and pan while results are updated on the map in real time, automatically grouping map pins in clusters when there are too many to display.  Users can draw unlimited polygons and even exclude sections within a polygon.  Built-in mapping layers allow you to overlay flood plains, school boundaries, market areas and others.

Why change MLS systems?
Tempo has provided HAR members a reliable, easy-to-use system for the last 15 years.  In terms of software lifespan, 15 years is a very long time and there are likely few applications you’ve continued to use during this period that haven’t undergone several version changes (Windows 95, 98, XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10).  HAR is the last MLS in the country remaining on Tempo, and while we’ve avoided costly and painful MLS system conversions, Tempo has reached the end of its product life cycle and is no longer being supported.  Many other MLSs across the country that previously used Tempo have been through multiple system conversions during that time and are now using Matrix.

Fusion has provided a good alternative for Mac users and those wanting to utilize alternative web browsers, however, its dependency on Adobe Flash (a software not supported by Apple mobile devices and no longer supported by an increasing number of browsers) and lack of mobile access prevent Fusion from being a viable system moving forward and as a result, is also being discontinued by CoreLogic.

By focusing on a single platform, CoreLogic will be better positioned to deliver product enhancements and support as underlying technologies continue to advance in the future.  CoreLogic has migrated all of its MLS customers to Matrix over the last two years and has developed and streamlined the processes necessary to ensure a successful conversion.

Get started, get some training and look for more to come…

As we say goodbye to our trusted friend Tempo and its sidekick Fusion, we welcome in a new era with Matrix and the promise of a partner that will support Houston area real estate professionals into the future.

HAR encourages you to get started now and attend a free, hands-on Matrix class (CE credit approved) so you can hit the ground running and get the most out of the system.  If online training is your preference, live and recorded webinars are available as well as tutorial videos and online user manuals. The earlier you start using Matrix, the more prepared you will be when Fusion and Tempo are discontinued later this year.

HAR is prepared to assist you through this transition and will be providing ongoing communications throughout the year so stay tuned. For more information and training opportunities, please visit www.har.com/matrix.

Register for a Matrix class or webinar

  • View recorded webinars
  • Access video tutorials
  • Tips for a successful transition
  • FAQs and more…

3 thoughts on “Matrix MLS is Now Available

  1. Honestly, Fusion is a much better product than tempo, however hardly anyone moved over to that. Now from the time I have spent in matrix, It is much less user friendly than Fusion or tempo, so hopefully it has a lot to offer but I have my doubts already…If agents couldn’t see the benefits of fusion, I doubt very seriously they will like matrix much at all…

    1. We use Tempo on a daily basis in both our appraisal company and real estate Brokerage. We had just one Realtor embrace Fusion. There is certainly going to be a learning curve and I’ve already found a few things you can’t do in Matrix that are staples in our Tempo searches. Really sad to see Tempo go!

  2. Excited to be switching over to matrix. Great tools online to learn on your own, but I can’t figure out where to send questions. For example, are we able to add a secondary contact who can share the portal and see the same listings? I would use this in the case of couples searching together.

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